maby sThe Captain ad his crew are happy to receive you on board the "Maby II 1944"

The sea is our first big love, which we would like to share with those who think about it in the same way.

The excursions are on the enchanted "Maby II" sail vessel of 22 metres, made entirely out of wood, in 1944, to fish for coral. On board you will find all the necessary comforts: cabins with beds, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining space, living area, large spaces reserved for sunbathing and shade and an exterior shower with fresh water.

The "Maby II" is rich in history. She will enable you to discover the sea and coasts of Villasimius (protected coastal area) far away from any noise. The sail vessel lets you listen to the sound of the sea and wind, a day to be shared with few people (maximum 12) with a discret crew, but prepared to assist you at all times.tragitto

The program consist of: arrival at dock of Villasimius by mini bus, where we will weigh anchor at 10.30 am. After a navigation that will bring you to see the cape "Capo Carbonara", we will stop and disembark at the island "Isola dei Cavoli".

On board you will find snorkelling equipment, so you can discover the colourful sea life and the depths of the Sardinian sea. For lunch our crew will serve you a small meal with "Malloreddus" (typical Sardinian pasta) with tomato sauce, "salsiccia sarda" (Sardinian sausage), "pecorino" (cheese), vegetables, fruit, wine and mirto.

In the afternoon you will visit other creeks, where you can relax and enjoy the sea. Saracen tower, Spanish fortresses, anmcient lighthouses will let you relive stories of fishermen and Saracen pirates. On your way back, you will find that you have experienced an extraordinary day full of emotion, that will leave you with the taste of ancient times.....



departing from the Port of Villasimius 10.30 - return 17.00

Price per person € 98.00 including pick-up from Villasimius
Rate sailing ship exclusively € 1,300.00 (10.30 to 17.00)


For booking: it +39 347 6001907 - en +39 349 3796327

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